I am asking if they ever did group talk in UHC and clarify the damn rules for once. XDDDd Sorry but I al little dome because every in their UHC setup, every single participant do not know things like: Strip mining (ok now is ok in 4 season lol), the potions… every body doing the practice and nobody know that in turq UHC plugin regen and health potions are disabled. (He did say it) XDDDD

In the other hand seeing find it out by themselves it would be hilarious XDDDDD, like: 

-Why the regen doesn’t work ?¿

-Potions are disabled….lel

-WHAT?¿ *Got in the Nether, finding the fortress, killing the ghast and blazes for nothing* 

Heh, well…If that happen I hope they make fire resistence/speed and streght potion at least ….



Kat Dennings’ curves appreciation post

in which we are all Tom


another work in progress hohohohoho


another work in progress hohohohoho


returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas


Anonymous asked: I hope you have an amazing evening!

Hace a supper dupper nice evening tooo! I didn’t was in tumblr this days lel

Mark and his glowsticks in RAVE RAVE RAVE | Gmod Murder


Etho is so salty about his pilot license XDDDDDDDDDD

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Klüb IcE Animation: Svans (Ian)